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Do icicles form along your roofline every winter? Are you experiencing unexplained flooding and water damage inside your home, even without rain outside? While icicles may look pretty, they’re actually a sign of a serious problem called ice dams. In Michigan, where snow and ice are common in the winter, ice dams are a serious cause of flooding for many homeowners. At Flood & Fire Solutions, we strive to protect homes from all sources of flooding and water damage, and this includes ice dams.

If you’re noticing signs of ice dams, it’s time to get professional help from Flood & Fire Solutions. Call (888) 646-8448 or contact our team online to discover your options to deal with the problem and protect your home.

What Are Ice Dams?

Ice dams occur when ice builds up in the gutter system. This prevents proper runoff as snow and ice on the roof begins to melt. Ice dams typically occur when the snow next to the roof melts (often due to warmer attic temperatures) and runs down to the gutters. When the water is no longer in contact with the hot spots on the roof, it quickly freezes, causing ice to build up in the gutters and along the edge of the roof. This prevents proper water flow and can also cause water to pool on the roof between the ice dam below and the melting snow above.

Do you have signs of ice dam buildup? Take decisive action against it by calling Flood & Fire Solutions at (888) 646-8448 or contacting us online.

Why Are Ice Dams a Problem?

Ice dams are a problem for homeowners because they can lead to floods. When water cannot flow through the gutter system properly, it can enter the house and cause serious problems with flooding and water damage. In addition, ice dams can provide a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Finally, ice dams can lead to roof damage. All these issues are costly problems that require immediate solutions, but they can be prevented.

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How to Prevent Ice Dam Water Damage

If you notice ice dam water damage in your home, Flood & Fire Solutions can help you remediate it, but the best solution is prevention. To prevent ice dams from forming, you need to ensure your roof is properly ventilated and your gutters are regularly cleaned. This will provide even melting of the snow on the roof while giving the water a clear path off the roof.

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Prevent Leaking & Flooding in Your Home with Professional Ice Dam Cleanup Services

If you see icicles forming at the edge of your gutters or a buildup of ice along your roofline, you have an ice dam problem. The best way to protect your home from ice dam water damage is with professional help. Macomb-area homeowners can get that help from the team at Flood & Fire Solutions.

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