Professional Water Cleanup and Restoration

In the event of a leak or flood, may homeowners opt to “save money” by performing clean-up and restoration themselves, or hire a handyman to perform these services. For a small leak that is identified and quickly resolved this may be fine. However, in the event of major flooding, standing water, or chronic leaking, what you don’t know CAN hurt you.

Insurance. Often time water clean-up and restoration services are covered by insurance, while your own labor and work are not. Additionally, insurance work may require that the clean-up is performed to certain specifications and possibly by a company certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration (IICRC).

Security. When you hire a professional like Flood & Fire Solutions, specialized technicians not only remove the water but also handle dehumidification and check for the presence of bacteria or pathogens in the water. This may require additional efforts to disinfect the flooded area.

Home Value. Every home has a CLUE report that records all water damage and repairs. Using a certified professional insures underwriters, inspectors, and potential buyers that the problem was professionally and thoroughly resolved.

Risk. Professional water damage restoration assures renters and future home buyers that work was done to professional standards. This reduces the risk of new water damage being blamed on old or pre-existing conditions and also insures that mold or mildew growth or other high-risk issues do not become an issue.

For the best in professional water restoration in Michigan, contact Flood & Fire Solutions. We specialize in emergency water cleanup and restoration and free consultation and inspection.